Monday, December 7, 2009

Gingerbread House

We had a busy week at the Wilbricht house this week. On Thursday the kids and I went to Michella's apartment to make gingerbread houses. Eli kept trying to eat the candy but we had enough left to make a cute house. Michella also had ingredients out for the kids to make their own personal pizzas. They loved putting the toppings on and had a lot of fun at the playdate!
On Saturday we went to Samantha's 2nd Birthday party at The Little Gym in Phoenix. There was all sorts of equipment for little kids to swing, jump, and tumble on. It was a wonderful party and the cake was delicious!
Sunday morning I took Eli to church where they had a big holiday celebration after the service. There was a s'more pit, cookie decorating, craft table, bounce house, face painting, and even fake snow so the kids could go sledding! Eli really enjoyed it. I think the s'more pit was his favorite.
Later Sunday morning my Aunt Shawna and Uncle Dave picked me up to go to Sierra Vista. My cousin Kensington was "Clara" in The Nutcracker ballet. She had a wonderful performance, and it was great to see her have such a big role. After the show my Aunt Krisite and Uncle Creden had a big party at their house. The house is decked out with Christmas lights and decorations so it was a very festive and fun party. The food was also very good....including the 10+ different kinds of desserts.:)
Here are some pictures from this week:

At Birthday Party...

Church Holiday Celebration

Sierra Vista


  1. Sounds like an awesome week!! I wish I could do all those fun things :) and have 10 different desserts yummmmmmm
    I love that Eli is still wearing his construction hat!!

  2. Sorry I missed all the fun last week! Can't wait to catch up soon - miss you guys!